An open platform for decentralized social networks and marketplaces.
It's censorship-resistant and has built-in monetization methods.
Built with the Polkadot and IPFS tech stacks.
Subsocial is a set of Substrate pallets with web UI that allows anyone to launch their own decentralized censorship-resistant social network aka community.

You can think of it as a decentralized version of Reddit or Medium, where a set of subreddits or blogs on Medium run on their own chain.
Testnet is live!
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Why Subsocial?
There is a number of global problems in today's social networks that Subsocial is trying to solve.
Global censorship
Tech giants have a monopoly on content. If the President of the USA can be silenced then anyone can.
Lack of customization
Platforms user interfaces have a limited number of options that can be changed.
Unfair monetization
Centralized platforms extract too much value from their creators. Limited payment options on most platforms.
Algorithm dictatorship
There is no ability to change the algorithms that feed us the content. The algorithms are not aligned with user well-being.
Monopoly on Network Effects
New social networking sites struggle to gain traction and compete with centralized platforms because they do not share their network effects.
Subsocial is an active member of Polkadot Ecosystem.
Supported by Web3 Foundation
Subsocial is a recipient of the two technical grants from Web3 Foundation. We have successfully delivered all five milestones described in our grant applications.

Please see the Wave 3 Grants blog from Web 3 Foundation that mentions our project. Read more
Substrate Builders Program
Subsocial is one of the first 17 projects that have been carefully selected by Parity to participate in Substrate Builders Program.

Please see the Parity blog post that mentions our project. Read more
Core features
Serverless Public Timeline
Same as Twitter but you can put the whole web app on to IPFS and remove the need for a centralized host (no need for AWS).
Censorship-resistance at chain-level, but users set rules for their own space. Think of a SubReddit that has transparent on-chain moderation
Roles & Permissions
Built-in and dynamic roles to manage your community with fine-grained permissions. Think of Discord roles and permissions.
Spaces as DAOs
Spaces can have multiple owners who can control the community direction and decide who receives monetization rewards.
User governance
Subsocial token holders own and govern the network. This is how the network upgrades. The governance mechanism is the same as Polkadot and Kusama.
On-chain pot of funding for development and promotion of the ecosystem
Monetize your content and community without middlemen.
Easily send donations or setup a subscription.
Smart Contracts
DeFi and smart contracts. Developers can implement advanced payment options.
Rent or sell your posts as NFTs.
Promoted Comments
Promoted comments and mentions. Set the cost at which people pay for guaranteed notification to the influencer.
Social Tokens
Users can deploy tokens for their spaces and communities.
Direct advertisement slots (all controlled on-chain). Sells slots directly without middlemen.
What is Subsocial Network?
From this video, you will learn the problems that Subsocial Network is trying to solve, a description of existing features, and future plans.
Our supporters
Substrate and IPFS are the only required parts of the Subsocial protocol. Other parts of the architecture are optional but help to improve the overall UX.
✅ Roadmap: completed
Q4 2019
Decentralized Communities.
IPFS Integration.
Personalized feed and notifications.

Q1 2020
Server-side rendering.
Full-text search.
Q2 2020
Transparent reputation.
Integration Polkadot-JS extension.

Q3 2020
Moderation (blockchain module).
Transfer space ownership.
Betanet launched.

Q4 2020
First iteration of Kusama integration.
Web app launched.
Q1 2021
Deliver the second technical grant to Web3 Foundation.
Improve performance of the web app.
Allow creating public spaces.
Automated token faucet based on an email confirmation.
Prepare Subsocial Node for Rococo parachain testnet.
Add support for GraphQL on the backend using Joystream Hydra.
Finish implementation of Telegram bot.

Q2 2021
Private sale.
Upgrade source code of Subsocial node to Substrate v3.
Launch – a decentralized niche community for Polkadot and Kusama fans implemented on top of Subsocial.
Integration with Kusama: show on-chain identities and account roles on Polkaverse.
Created the first version of Flutter SDK – we are planning to use it to create a cross-platform mobile app.
Q3 2021
Upgraded the betanet to Substrate v3.
Finished treasury proposal as posts on Subsocial.
Developed the tipping pallet for sending tips to authors of posts.
Launched Sub.ID: Substrate Addresses, Balances, Crowdloans, and NFTs (Unique Network, RMRK, Statemine).
Developed our read-only mobile app called Dotsama News.
Launched the pre-mainnet staging network (with 200+ validators).
Started our ambassador program – The Spacers Program.

⏳ Roadmap: planned
Q4 2021
Launch Subsocial as a Kusama Parachain.
Release Dotsama News (the read-only mobile app).
Implement the moderation pallet.
Merge account profiles into spaces.
Develop some example web apps for popular frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Vue).
Planned integrations
Acala Network
Acala Network
A decentralized finance hub and stablecoin platform powering cross-blockchain liquidity and applications in Polkadot ecosystem.
Crust Network
Crust Network provides a decentralized storage network for Web3.0 ecosystem. It supports multiple storage layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes storage interfaces to application layer.
OpenSquare Network
A collaboration and reputation building platform in Polkadot ecosystem.
Subsocial is developed by DappForce, led by Alex Siman.
Alex Siman
Founder, Architect
Oleh Melnychuk
Full-stack developer
Vlad Proschavaev
Blockchain developer, Devops
Vlad Samchuk
Web developer
The brightest minds and veterans of Polkadot and Kusama Networks that share Subsocial vision and work on tough problems with us.
Shawn Tabrizi
Core Developer at Parity Technologies
Shawn is the runtime engineering team lead for Parity Technologies, where he guides the development of the Substrate and Polkadot runtime.
Samuel Häfner
Research Economist at Web3 Foundation
Samuel is a Research Economist at Web3 Foundation, where he analyzes the Parachain auctions, incentives in consensus protocols, and questions in token economics more general. He is an applied microeconomic theorist by training, with research expertise on contracts, contests, and auctions.
Parity Technologies alumni
JAM is a blockchain consultant and freelance developer who is focused on helping teams build tools that empower users, instead of themselves. Parity Technologies Alumni, Councilor on the Kusama Network, Member of the Kappa Sigma Mu Society, and currently working on DatDot.
Bruno Škvorc
Technical educator at Web3 Foundation
Bruno is a technical educator at Web3 Foundation, Council member on Kusama, former Council member on Polkadot, and creator of
Edward Thomson
Industry Consultant
Previously grants manager at Web 3 Foundation. Edward is now working as an advisor and consultant to various projects in the web3 / blockchain space.
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