What Is SUB?

SUB is the native token of the Subsocial network, and all of the tokens are located on Subsocial’s Kusama parachain

Use Cases

On-chain Governance Voting

Like Polkadot and Kusama, Subsocial has on-chain governance. Token holders can lock up their tokens to vote (and can vote with staked tokens).

Staking for Security, Dapps, and Creators

Token holders can stake towards node operators securing the network, dapp developers, and content creators.

Social Networking

SUB tokens can be locked on Subsocial’s parachain to earn free transactions on the solochain, where social networking takes place. This includes posts, comments, reactions, and creating spaces.

Content Creation Rewards

Other users can reward you for making great content by sending you donations, subscribing to you, or buying your social token.




Nova Wallet

Fearless Wallet

Math Wallet



31% of the initial supply of SUB was allocated to the on-chain treasury. This treasury can be used to reward contributors via tip requests and grant proposals, similar to the Kusama and Polkadot treasuries. Future crowdloans may also be funded this way. The treasury will receive additional funds from inflation.

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