A platform for the social networks of the future

Featuring massive customization, monetization features, and shared user graphs, networks built on Subsocial allow users to unlock the full power of true social networking.
What Is Subsocial??
Subsocial is a set of Substrate pallets that allows anyone to launch their own decentralized censorship-resistant social network.

Subsocial is not a decentralized social network, like Twitter or Facebook, but rather Subsocial is a platform for building social networks.

The Subsocial team has built one of these social networks already, which you can think of as a hybrid of Reddit and Medium.
The betanet is live!
You can start using the first Subsocial app now.
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Why Subsocial?
There are a number of problems with modern social networks that Subsocial solves.
Global censorship
Tech giants have too much power. If the President of the USA can be silenced then anyone can.
Lack of customization
Existing platforms' user interfaces have a limited number of options that can be changed.
Unfair monetization
Centralized platforms extract too much value from content creators. Most platforms have limited payment options.
Algorithm dictatorship
Content algorithms are not aligned with user well-being, but there is no way to change or disable them.
Monopoly on Network Effects
New social networks struggle to gain traction and compete with incumbents because they do not share their large userbase and network effects.
Core features
Serverless Public Timeline
The classic social timeline, but you can put the entire app on IPFS and remove the need for a centralized host, like AWS.
Subsocial is censorship-resistant at the chain-level, but users can set rules for their own spaces. Think of a Facebook group that has transparent on-chain moderation.
Roles & Permissions
Built-in and dynamic roles to manage your community with fine-grained permissions, like Discord.
Spaces as DAOs
Spaces can have multiple owners who can control the community direction, moderation, and monetization.
User governance
Like Polkadot and Kusama, Subsocial token holders are able to govern the Subsocial network by participating in on-chain governance.
The Subsocial network owns an on-chain pot of funds for development and promotion of the ecosystem.
Monetize your content and community without middlemen. Welcome to Social Finance.
Easily send tips or setup a subscription.
Smart Contracts
Smart contract functionality will allow for Social Finance and advanced payment options.
Turn your posts on Subsocial into NFTs, and rent or sell them to others.
Promoted Comments
Use more tokens for a comment to get guaranteed notifications to influencers.
Social Tokens
Users can deploy social tokens for their spaces and communities.
Sell advertisement slots (all controlled on-chain) in your space directly to advertisers.
What is Subsocial Network?
From this video, you will learn the problems that Subsocial Network is trying to solve, a description of existing features, and future plans.
Subsocial is an active member of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.
Supported by the Web3 Foundation
Subsocial is a recipient of two technical grants from the Web3 Foundation, and we have successfully delivered all five milestones described in our grant applications.

Please see the Wave 3 Grants blog from the Web 3 Foundation that mentions our project. Read more
Substrate Builders Program
Subsocial is one of the first 17 projects that have been carefully selected by Parity to participate in the Substrate Builders Program.

Please see the Parity blog post that mentions our project. Read more
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Our supporters
Substrate and IPFS are the only required parts of the Subsocial protocol. The other layers are optional but help to improve the overall user experience of apps built on Subsocial.
Q1 2022
✅ Launched parachain.
✅ Updated Subsocial's website.
✅ Improved web app search functionality.
✅ Sub.ID additions and performance improvements.
✅ Distributed crowdloan rewards.
✅ Held community and public sales.
Q2 2022
  • Distribute the rest of the initial tokens (team, investors, treasury, etc.).
  • Release Dotsama Domains v1.0.
  • Rename our webapp.
  • Implement votes/polls on our webapp.
  • Release free transactions pallet.
  • Move all tokens to the parachain.
  • Implement tips/donations on web app
Q3 2022
  • Add staking (collators/accounts/dapps).
  • Create another webapp to showcase Subsocial's possibilities.
  • Improve DevEx (documentation, example apps, etc.)
  • Organize the first hackathon for social dapps.
  • Move storage to Crust Network.
  • Integrate aUSD from Karura
Planned integrations
Acala Network
Karura Network
The decentralized finance hub and stablecoin platform powering cross-blockchain liquidity and applications in the Kusama ecosystem.
Crust Network
Crust Network provides a decentralized storage network for the Web3 ecosystem. It supports multiple storage layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes storage interfaces to the application layer.
The brightest minds and veterans of the Polkadot and Kusama networks that share Subsocial's vision and work on tough problems with us.
Shawn Tabrizi
Core Developer at Parity Technologies
Shawn is the runtime engineering team lead for Parity Technologies, where he guides the development of the Substrate and Polkadot runtime.
Samuel Häfner
Research Economist at Web3 Foundation
Samuel is a Research Economist at the Web 3 Foundation, where he analyzes the incentives and tokenomics present in the Dotsama ecosystem. He is an applied microeconomic theorist with research expertise on contracts, contests, and auctions.
Parity Technologies alumni
JAM is a blockchain consultant and freelance developer who is focused on helping teams build tools that empower users, instead of themselves. Parity Technologies Alumni, Councilor on the Kusama Network, Member of the Kappa Sigma Mu Society, and currently working on DatDot.
Bruno Škvorc
RMRK Founder
Bruno is the founder of RMRK.app, a Council member on Kusama, and former Council member on Polkadot.
Edward Thomson
Industry Consultant
Previously the Grants Manager at the Web 3 Foundation, Edward is now working as an advisor and consultant to various projects in the Web3 and blockchain space.
Ready to join the future of social networking?
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