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Subsocial, a general set of Substrate and IPFS-based social-network tools is looking awesome. There are ideas on the table to purpose this for the Kusama, and perhaps Polkadot, governance platform. I think that this is exactly the sort of thing that we'll be seeing supported increasingly into 2020 through the Polkadot and Kusama treasuries. Source ↗

Gavin Wood

Founder of Parity and Polkadot, Co-Founder of Ethereum


Subsocial is an active member of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems.

Supported by the Web3 Foundation

Subsocial is a recipient of two technical grants from the Web3 Foundation, and we have successfully delivered all five milestones described in our grant applications.

Please see the Wave 3 Grants blog from the Web 3 Foundation that mentions our project. Read more ↗

Substrate Builders Program

Subsocial is one of the first 17 projects that have been carefully selected by Parity to participate in the Substrate Builders Program.

Please see the Parity blog post that mentions our project. Read more ↗


Samuel Häfner

Research Economist at Web3 Foundation

Samuel is a Research Economist at the Web 3 Foundation, where he analyzes the incentives and tokenomics present in the Dotsama ecosystem. He is an applied microeconomic theorist with research expertise on contracts, contests, and auctions.


Parity Technologies alumni

JAM is a blockchain consultant and freelance developer who is focused on helping teams build tools that empower users, instead of themselves. Parity Technologies Alumni, Councilor on the Kusama Network, Member of the Kappa Sigma Mu Society, and currently working on DatDot.

Edward Thomson

Industry Consultant

Previously the Grants Manager at the Web 3 Foundation, Edward is now working as an advisor and consultant to various projects in the Web3 and blockchain space.

Shawn Tabrizi

Core Developer at Parity Technologies

Shawn is the runtime engineering team lead for Parity Technologies, where he guides the development of the Substrate and Polkadot runtime.

Bruno Škvorc

RMRK Founder

Bruno is the founder of, a Council member on Kusama, and former Council member on Polkadot.

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