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Subsocial is a development platform that provides building blocks for decentralized social media

Build Your Own Social App


Subsocial runs on the Polkadot ecosystem and can process more than 1000 transactions per second.


Start making money from day 1, by using Subsocial’s monetization features. Add tipping, ads, or social tokens to your dapps quickly.


Build and iterate quickly with Subsocial’s TypeScript SDK. We handle the blockchain, so that you can focus on building your app.

Supports IPFS

Upload your content on our IPFS or use your own node. No need to use any centralized service like AWS or others.

import { newFlatSubsocialApi } from '@subsocial/api'

const api = await newFlatSubsocialApi({
   substrateNodeUrl: 'wss://',
   ipfsNodeUrl: ''

const space = await api.findSpace({id: 1})

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The power of a blockchain with the simplicity of code

SDK & Template Dapps

We have created a TypeScript-based SDK that you can use to interact with the Subsocial blockchain very easily.

You can use this SDK in any JS projects (React, Vue, Angular, Node apps, etc.). We are focused on providing you the capability to customize your dapp as much as possible.

Projects Built on Subsocial

Wallet info for your favorite Dotsama cryptocurrencies like DOT, KSM, ACA, KAR, GLMR, SDN, SUB, and other chains in the ecosystem.
A proof-of-concept social network focused on the Polkadot ecosystem that showcases Subsocial's functionalities.
Donation App
An inspiring preview for a donations app that may be built. Follow your favorite content creators and support them with donations, like on Patreon or Twitch.

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Subsocial is built by developers, for developers. We would love to help you build revolutionary dapps, and provide you with guidance, mentorship, and support. We have a grant program that we can support you with.

Subsocial allows developers to easily monetize their dapps through the Dapp Staking system. Token holders can stake towards their favorite dapps, and the developers of those dapps will receive token rewards.

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