SUB token
Decentralized Social Finance

Social media built on Subsocial features censorship resistance and built-in monetization methods

The Blockchain for Social Finance

A Layer 1 chain in the Kusama ecosystem, Subsocial is a parachain designed specifically for social networking

Peer-to-peer monetization

Cross-chain interactions

User-owned content

Data shared between dapps

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Learn how you can create social dapps on Subsocial, whether they are just web apps, or something more. Read our documentation, join the developer chats, and test out the SDK.

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Rocket lounch

SUB for Social Finance

Gain ownership in the future of social networks through SUB, the native token of Subsocial, which unlocks free social interactions.

The token fuels the infrastructure, governance, and economics of the ecosystem.

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Projects Built on Subsocial

Wallet info for your favorite Dotsama cryptocurrencies like DOT, KSM, ACA, KAR, GLMR, SDN, SUB, and other chains in the ecosystem.
A proof-of-concept social network focused on the Polkadot ecosystem that showcases Subsocial's functionalities.
Donation App
An inspiring preview for a donations app that may be built. Follow your favorite content creators and support them with donations, like on Patreon or Twitch.

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